QR-Patrol is a real-time guard tour monitoring system designed especially to improve security companies efficiency and enhance guard tour management. Scan NFC/QR code tags or detect beacons in specific checkpoints of the guarded area and send real-time updates of your patrol. QR-Patrol utilizes cloud technology and enables workflow management in an efficient and paperless way by automating all internal work process.

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Incidents Report
Monitor all incidents in real-time by gathering multimedia data (image, voice, detailed notes) with signature fields.

QR is my reporting tool and safety net. It’s a doddle to use and allows me to enter as much detail as required. Im always aware that my movements are tracked whilst on duty and this helps keeps me sharp. Its good to know that at the touch of a button everyone knows I need help and comes running

It works on either Ios or Android which is handy. Previously on a long or busy shift battery life was an issue. As QR is also on our own phones there is never a problem"

Guard Tour monitoring
Monitor your guards and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process.

"Allows us to pay the guys properly and bill the clients accurately."

Guards' schedules
Create guards’ schedule templates and follow specific scheduling during the whole patrol monitoring activities.

"Enables us to track guards individual movements and raises alarms should anything untoward happen, Are they where they should be? Are they safe? Are they AWAKE"

Automatic record of check in and check out in real-time giving the ability to track working hours and control budget.

"This enables us to control our spend on vehicles and staff deployment"
S McDonald, (Office Manager)

Advanced Reporting
Create multiple reports (scanned, missed check points / incidents / patrol duration) using advanced filtering and export abilities (PDF, excel)

"Client reports can be generated from individual incidents to whole tours of duty and filtered to highlight issues. This makes annual reviews a lot clearer, if we have failed in anyway this lets us and the client know. Also if we servicing a particular aspect heavily and the client was previously unaware this is the perfect tool to illustrate exactly what it is we do at 3 in the morning"
Dominick Krzesinski, (Operations Manager)

NFC / QR code compatible
Scan resistant, waterproof NFC tags or QR codes placed on buildings and territories and send immediate alerts and reports.

"Better than existing Tags as they are tamperproof, discreet and removable"
D.R (Security officer)