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  • Residential

    That you have visited us is enough to know you are aware of the risks and realise the need to protect your property and family.

    MorSec provide a Key holding and alarm response service. Upon receiving a call from any nominated contact we will dispatch a highly visible response vehicle with a fully trained security officer familiar with your property. Upon arrival they assess the situation and act accordingly. Your property is fully checked internally and externally, the alarms are silenced and reset. The officer will liaise with police and your alarm monitoring provider and remain on site until satisfied the threat has been dealt with.

    Your keys and codes are stored in our secure strong room in our fully manned 24 hour control centre. They only leave our site with our officer and are returned immediately. All calls and events are logged in real time and a report is made to you as soon as is practical.

    Our response time is targeted to match the standard 20 minute police emergency attendance target, we will inform you of our projected response time when we conduct the initial site visit and make the risk assessment.

    Cost for our services vary due to logistics and requirements. You can be sure that there are absolutely no hidden or unexpected charges or statutory fees. There is no lengthy 12 month contract to sign, you are invoiced monthly and are free to change your requirements at any time. You can engage our cover for Business trips, Holidays or any other reason your property may be unoccupied Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

  • Commercial

    Morsec are able to offer this highly effective service for all commercial customers.

    With reduced police numbers and increased criminal activity there is a real need for a visible and physical deterrent.

    The traditional ‘Bells only’ alarm systems are usually ignored or overcome by determined intruders. High Visibility Patrols ensure there could be a physical presence at the protected premises at any time which not only confuses the criminal but prevents a planned and timed attack.

    The premises can be visited as many times as the customer requests and all visits are electronically recorded.

  • Retail

    Industrial Park and Business park security

    The security of our tenants, their properties and the safety of those working at any of our Business Parks have always been important to us and the individual management teams.

    Your premises or business park could benefit from:

    • 24-hour security presence on the site
    • 365-days a year service
    • Always at least two security staff on site
    • Range of patrols both on foot and by vehicle
    • Security staff monitor extensive CCTV system
    • Key holding
    • Additional patrols
    • Advice on your premises security
    • Assistance and information to anyone visiting the Business Park
    • Assistance and information to anyone working the Business Park
    • Enhanced security to suit particular business needs

    If you are working late or at weekends you are safe in the knowledge that someone is looking out for you.

    We provide an individual, highly professional and fully equiped service at a great rate, to give you the whole package and most importantly security and reassurance that you and your business/business park is in safe hands.


Open, Honest, Transparent

We provide you with real-time data; live positioning of our officers and the position of our vehicles, giving you complete confidence in our abilities. Our officers complete event logs at every call out and they wear body cams, which stream live. We're completely transparent, so you can trust your security is in safe hands.