Webeye RSI incorporating webeye cms can be installed anywhere there is a mobile signal. Being completely wireless and battery operated it is particularly suitable for construction or remote sites, especially in the early stages when there is often no power or phone lines.
Since these sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms and the systems portability means it can be onsite as the project evolves - even if that means being re-installed over the months as the site develops!

  • The Outdoor MotionViewer is a battery-powered wireless camera and PIR detector
  • Infrared illuminators for true night vision
  • Instant installation in harsh outdoor environments – no wires and no power
  • Battery-powered (including panel); entire system operates for years on batteries
  • PIR Motion Sensors - triggers recording of 10 second clip for immediate verification
  • Delivers alarm then continues to notify for non-response
  • View camera image on line with snapshot facility
  • 500ft effective range between battery-powered Motion Viewer and control panel

What is webeye cms?

Reliable alarm delivery.
Should any part of the delivery fail it’s programmed to bypass the fault and move to an unprecedented number of back-up systems to guarantee you receive the alert. You may not be aware how unstable most of the competition can be but webeye cms is the only cloud based platform to boast a 99.97% reliability record. webeye cms is fully audited so you know who and when the alert is answered. Given that many alarms could potentially be life-threatening it is unwise to rely on “Send and Forget” type technologies such as the use of an email - this may provide a low cost method of sending alarm information to a mobile telephone or computer, however it does not provide a sufficiently robust mechanism ensuring the end user has received and viewed the alarm.
We are the world’s first fully interactive cloud based security system that allows alarms and video to be received and handled from any internet-based computer, tablet or smart phone. Already in use worldwide, we meet global security alarm panel standards and you can be safe in the knowledge that when we know, you know.

Why would we use webeye?

It's purpose made for guarding companies and is the only system anywhere in the world designed with your industry in mind. Webeye introduces something called integrated guarding to your business, it allows you to cover more sites using a combination of technology and guards at a fraction of the cost of traditional guarding. It will allow you to be more efficient, make savings and as such increase your margins, yet still provide a better service fit for this millennia.

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